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Issue and settle TAX FREE documents. Everything is simple, convenient and faultlessly.

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Main features application

The application replaces the time-consuming issuing of TAX FREE documents, ensuring data consistency and correctness. The website cooperates with sales systems (Wapro, Subiekt, Optima, ...) and has full integration with the PUESC system.

Automation and optimization of sales processes

All data needed to issue a Tax Free document is collected automatically, which ensures the correctness of the created forms. Appropriate configuration allows you to issue and manage documents in bulk.

Integration with sales systems

Integration with the selected sales system allows for automatic downloading of receipts (names of goods, prices, VAT rates), which results in faster and error-free issuance of Tax Free documents.

Intuitive operation

The application is intuitive and easy to use, which guarantees quick implementation of new users without the need for time-consuming training. Responsive and friendly interface, access from any device (computer, phone, tablet). Built according to the latest standards.

Appearance and description of the eTAX application

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Document list

Provides easy and quick access to document operations, all in one place:

  • easy and quick search
  • import of documents from the PUESC website
  • details and Tax Free printout in PDF format
  • creating a Tax Free document
  • choosing the place of sale

Creating a new Tax Free document

Automatic import of all information required to create a document.

Possible integration with a passport reader, which eliminates most errors made when issuing documents.

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Specific information

Access to information and operations regarding the selected document.

  • Status update
  • Confirmation of VAT refund
  • Invalidation of the document
  • Generating KP/KW with the commission collection setting
  • Generating a Tax Free document to PDF format

Tax Free document printout

  • Readable and transparent format, consistent with the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance.
  • The value of the commission on the printout if it is set

Possible integrations

A faster, cheaper and better solution

Discover the advantages of choosing eTax compared to the competition's desktop application or manually filling out the form on the PUESC website. Say goodbye to delays and streamline your sales process.

    • 10
      document issuance time
    • 100
    • 100000

      handled documents

How it's working

Our tool is easy to configure, the entire procedure takes about 30 minutes. Usually, PUESC accepts the new configuration on the same day.



Complete the simple registration form to create an account. You only need a few details to be able to use our application.


Configure integrations

Configure integration with the sales system and set the communication channel with the PUESC website. This process usually requires our help, but once it is completed, everything works automatically.


Generate documents

Our tool quickly generates Tax Free documents, ready for electronic sending and printing after assigning a UNS number by the PUESC website. Everything is done via a web browser.


Check the status and return VAT

Thanks to automatic synchronization with the PUESC website, monitor the status of your documents in real time. Return VAT in cash and non-cash form without unnecessary stress.

The principle of operation of the eTAX TAX FREE system

Key features System

System available online

Run the application anywhere, anytime. Thanks to our platform, you can add new documents, settle and control their status, monitor sales and have full control over all TaxFree processes in the company.

Employee profiles

Unlimited number of users, ability to create profiles for each employee (cashier) with an account in the PUESC system. Advanced permissions and settings.

Catalog of contractors

Faster issuance of documents for early registered travelers. Analysis and reports on issued documents and contractors.

PUESC integration

Direct sending of documents to PUESC via the Web Service, or generating XML files and uploading them to PUESC. Settlement of the TAX FREE document (VAT refund) from the application level.

Support for multiple warehouses (branches)

The application allows separate numbering of TAX FREE documents for each warehouse or branch.


Providing travelers with information about TAX FREE documents and their status in the eTAX application. Sending Tax Free documents in PDF format to an email address or via text message with a link to download the document.

Price list

Choose the right plan. Check out the possibilities offered by the eTAX application.

First 30 days for free. Give us a moment and we will adapt to your requirements

Free installation and configuration of integration with PUESC, regardless of the decision.

Number of TAX FREE documents issued per month


No contract or obligations / You pay as much as you use

No fee to 20 documents per month.

Once exceeded, automatic switch to the standard plan.

For companies starting sales in the Tax Free system.

  • Integration with ERP systems (np. wFirma, SubiektGT, Wapro...)
  • Sending documents Tax Free
  • Automatic status synchronization with PUESC
  • Confirmation of VAT refund
  • Tax Free Cancellation
  • Receipt synchronization every minute
  • 1 user account
The most popular

Great offer !!!

Stable price 1 zł for the document!

Behind documents per month

Fixed fee up to 100 documents

Passport reader 3 months free!

Everything from the Free plan plus:

  • Import of existing Tax Free documents from PUESC
  • Basic reports: PDF, Excel
  • Email notifications
  • Technical support: e-mail
  • Empowerment
  • Receipt synchronization every 20 seconds.
  • Up to 5 users
  • Support for up to 2 branches

Promotion for new customers!

Za documents per month

Fixed fee up to 100 documents

The Premium Plan is the most extensive solution addressed to large stores or retail chains. Full automation in issuing Tax Free documents.

Everything from the Standard plan plus:

  • Integration with a passport and document reader (we provide a reader)
  • Extensive reports and analysis : PDF, Excel
  • Support for many branches and warehouses
  • Technical support: text messages, e-mail, live chat
  • Receipt synchronization every 10 seconds.

Individual offer

Tailored to you

  • Individual number of documents Tax Free
  • Unlimited number of branches
  • Individual reports
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a fixed % of uptime
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SSO single sign-on
  • And a lot more!

The rates given in the price list are net amounts - please add VAT of 23%.

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