Possible integrations

Select the appropriate program and see the possibilities of synchronizing the eTax application with the ERP system.

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Communication methods

Effective and error-free issuance of Tax Free documents requires reliable and quick methods of synchronizing issued receipts. We can do this in several ways:

  • API REST - ability to send data to the eTAX system, or download data from the API provided on the sales system side (the eTAX system automatically synchronizes data from the sales system)
  • Desktop application installed on a server or computer in a local network.
  • Setting a secure connection (tunnel, VPN) and downloading data from an SQL database or an intermediate database

We may consider other methods to connect to our system.

Communication with online systems (available via browser)

We connect to such systems using the issued API

  • Simple configuration
  • Frequent and fast synchronization
  • Security
  • Automation

The system only collects sales data, contractor (traveller) data once saved in the eTAX application can be used multiple times.

You use another sales system?

Contact us, we can adapt to your system.